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Shelby Horton



  • Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Records:

    • Bench Press – Raw Sleeves:

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 210 lbs

    • Squat – Raw Sleeves:

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 385 lbs

    • Deadlift – Raw Sleeves:

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 400 lbs

    • Total – Raw Sleeves:

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 995 lbs

  • United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Records:

    • Bench Press – Classic Raw:

      • Open // 148 lbs class // 194 lbs

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 226 lbs

    • Squat – Classic Raw:

      • Open // 148 lbs class // 391.3 lbs

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 446.4 lbs

    • Deadlift – Classic Raw:

      • Open // 148 lbs class // 392.4 lbs

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 429.9 lbs

    • Total – Classic Raw:

      • Open // 148 lbs class // 977.7 lbs

      • Open // 165 lbs class // 1092.5 lbs

How did you start competing in your sport and how long have you been competing?

I started competing when I met my best friend, Albee (RIP). I was struggling with mental health after being a long time drug user and found that lifting heavy brought me a sense of peace and relief, as well as newfound friends who were a support system without judgement. I have been competing since 2017.

What is your favorite type of training right now? Right now I am enjoying a mix of conjugate for my heavy main movements, followed by some personal training methods with low volume main lifts and heavy RPE accessories.

What is your supplement routine? I start every morning with greens, whole wheat toast, eggs and potatoes. I have some sort of lean meat, rice and greens for my next two meals, and my supper consists of a free meal with any type of beef; typically Mexican food.

What is your favorite exercise in gym or in competition? My favorite movement is a reverse lat pulldown but squat is my favorite lift.

What's in your gym bag? You mean my airport bag? I have 3 pairs of knee wraps, wrist wraps, 3 sets of knee sleeves, 3 singlets, little Debbies, 2 pre-workouts, a tripod, gummies, 2 pairs of lifting shoes, 2 belts, and 10 pairs of socks! lol

What do you like to do outside of the gym? Outside of the gym I am a cowboy/rancher. I enjoy working cattle, roping, raising chickens and playing with my dogs. My son and I enjoy playing board games and seeing movies.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve? People who think they know everything and never have anything to learn.

Do you have any heroes/mentors in the sport? Albert Adams, Brandon Lily and Colten Rhodes

What are your goals for the future? To break a 500lb squat. I also want to grow the sport of powerlifting to more than just competing and have it be something that people enjoy whether they're on or off the platform.

"In a world where you can be anything, Be kind."

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Shelby Horton
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