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Affiliate Program

You don't have to be a sponsored athlete to be a part of Team Invictus. With our Affiliate program, if chosen, you will help us promote our brand as well as enjoy unique discounts not available to the public.   Read the requirements below and if you feel like this is something you are willing to commit to, fill out the form and let us know why you should be chosen to be an Invictus Powerlifting Affiliate.

Thanks! Your message has been sent and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Affiliate will be given a unique discount code to distribute to the public.

  • Affiliate must post and tag Invictus Powerlifting in at least one social media post per week. Specific tags will be given to Affiliate to use.

  • Affiliate must conduct themselves in a positive, moral and ethical manner on social media and/or at public events (i.e. competitions, expos, etc.)

    • Invictus Powerlifting may terminate Affiliate privileges at any time if the company feels the Affiliate is not demonstrating the values reflective of the company.

  • Affiliate will start out receiving a 15% discount they may use to purchase Invictus equipment.  This discount code may only be used by the individual it is issued to. If used by anyone other than Affiliate, that Affiliate will be terminated from program.

  • Affiliate will be eligible to receive additional discounts to Invictus gear based on the sales numbers using that Affiliate’s discount code.

    • 20% discount for 10 sales

    • 30% discount for 25 sales

    • 40% discount for 50 sales

    • Choice of 1 free item and 50% discount for 100 sales


*Only a limited number of Affiliates will be selected.

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