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David Shirley



  • Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Records:

    • Bench Press – Raw:

      • Submasters // 198 lbs class // 390 lbs*

    • Bench Press – Single Ply:

      • Open // 220 lbs class // 600 lbs*

    • Squat – Single Ply:

      • Open // 220 lbs class // 815 lbs**

    • Squat – Single Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 40-44) // 198 lbs class // 700 lbs**

    • Bench Press – Single Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 40-44) // 220 lbs class // 560 lbs**

    • Total – Single Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 40-44) // 220 lbs class // 1800 lbs**

    • Bench Press – Multi Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 45-49) // 198 lbs class // 530 lbs**

    • Squat – Multi-Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 45-49) // 198 lbs class // 800 lbs**

    • Total – Multi-Ply:

      • Masters (Ages 45-49) // 198 lbs class // 1990 lbs**

  • Elite Powerlifting Federation (EPF) Records:

    • Bench Press - Single Ply:​

      • Open // 198 lbs class // 560 lbs*

* State Record **National Record

What accomplishments are you most proud of? The lifts I'm most proud of are the 198 Masters 800 squat and 1980 total, which are both #3 on the All-Time, and the 815 single-ply squat. That lift is #9 All-Time now, but for about three months was the #1 in the world! It took a long time to hit that for this old man!

How did you start competing in your sport and how long have you been competing?

I've been lifting on and off since high school but got going in powerlifting about 14-15 years ago. At the time I had a shoulder injury while on the job with my construction company. I rehabbed the best I could by myself at home but knew I needed some expert help. I did some research in the area and settled on joining Back to Basics Gym in Russellville, AR somewhere around 2004. After working awhile with the owner, Jamie McDougal, he asked if I had ever heard of powerlifting and what I thought about giving it a try. Jaime said I was strong and could probably do really well in the sport so I started training for power.

What is your favorite type of training right now? Anything I can do without pain! So, to tell the truth, I would have to say bench press.

What is your supplement routine? I have cut my supplements down recently. I still use my BCAAs everyday but that's about it.

What is your favorite exercise in gym or in competition? Deadlift! I love it! Years ago I had a hip come out on the platform and the doctor said "No more squat or deadlift." I didn't care much at the time about squat but man, I loved deadlift! I still suck at it but I can't give them up. I wanted and still want to prove that doctor wrong.

What's in your gym bag? My wraps for sure! I'm very particular about those. I also have my heavy belt from Circle T and my mouth piece.

What do you like to do outside of the gym? I enjoy building and racing cars. I'm also an avid hunter. I spend a lot of time at church and with my family.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve? Cleaning up after children! And when I say children, I mean the adult type!

Do you have any heroes/mentors in the sport? Harley Timbs has done more for my equipped bench press than anyone else out there. I'm always learning stuff from my good friend Justin Rogers and all the "Freaks" at The Proving Ground!

What are your goals for the future? To not stop! I love this sport and want to do it as long as I can. That being said, would really like to work back up to a 600 lbs bench press again.

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David Shirley
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