Where There's A Will...There's The Pit Shark

Hey ladies and gents! It's been a short minute. Life has been crazy busy, and with a senior at home and all that entails, I've had to put the extra, extra things I enjoy - like writing this blog - on the back burner. Needless to say, what hasn't changed is my determination and consistency in the gym. Post a 12ish pound gain over the holiday season and shoulder surgery, - both I've used as excuses for my crappy diet when in reality I ridiculously love food - I've been busting my a$$ to get that weight off (and then some) and recovering better that I ever expected. I'm back down fourteen pounds and eating a crazy amount of food...which is a whole other future blog. And my shoulder has, well, I don't even recognize it because I don't remember a time in my adult life that it's felt so good. God has been blessing me in abundance lately!

Now for the good stuff. In this blog, I want to discuss a machine that I have absolutely fallen in love with. In part, I put off shoulder surgery for so long for fear of losing squat (among other parts) strength, so when I moved gyms and was introduced to the Pit Shark, I have been pleasantly surprised at how not only do I feel that I'm not losing strength, I'm progressing in other needed accessory gains. My shoulder recovery forced modified - as in no barbell - squat game has changed. If you do not have a Pit Shark in your gym, you seriously need to get one/talk to your gym owner about getting one. It's such an old-school-type piece of remarkably effective equipment that can be used for so much more than just squats/legs. It's designed to combine both your body weight with as little or as much plated weight as you'd like to perform anything from squats to deadlifts, SL deadlifts, rows, good-mornings, etc. The possibilities are endless. Even for the upper body, I have jokingly described it as the Westside Barbell type mockery of Bowflex. Haha. (You know that's funny even if you own a "Blowflex".) Needles to say, the Pit Shark is brut machinery at it's best!

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