Switching up my days

I decided to switch up my routine a bit this week. Instead of deadlifts on Monday and bench on Tuesday, I flip-flopped them. And this is how it went.

I am on week 4 of a 14 week bench program, which called for 5x6@65%, which for me is about 285. All 5 sets felt great. Afterwards, I did some work on the hammer strength press machine (4x12), heavy DB rows leaning on an incline bench (4x8), heavy lat pulldowns (4x8), tricep pressdowns (4x15), and skull crushers (4x8).

Tuesday I did my seated deadlifts, which I still not liking too much. Worked up to a heavy single of 605. Followed it up with some high rep lat pulldowns (4x12), single arm seated cable rows (4x8), machine curls (4x10), and single arm high cable curls (4x10).

Both days were good days. Taking today (Wednesday) off. Back at it tomorrow.


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