Strongman Conditioning:

From now on every Friday I will be training a strongman medley that I have put together that consists of Farmers Walk, Zercher carries, and sled pulls all for 60 feet.

One week I will do heavy zercher holds and speed farmers. The next week I will do heavy farmers holds and speed zerchers. For now I plan on keeping my sled weight consistently at about 2x bodyweight.

Today I was just kind of testing myself to get an idea of what I could do after taking it easy for a month.

Top sets on farmers holds held 275 per hand for 10 seconds easily. My next set i jumped to 300 and while my grip was fine and was knew i was going to have to grind out a full rep so I just set it down and save my back for deadlifts next week.

Consitently did 550lbs on the sled pulls without much trouble.

Just went up to 300 on zerchers to focus on speed. Next week I will go heavy as to guage what I can really do here. (Strongman Corp Nationals has the heavyweights doing 600+lbs on these)

Really look forward to growing stronger!


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