No Excuses

Nine days post left shoulder surgery and I feel amazing. When I had my 2016 right shoulder surgery, it sucked. Most painful part being when I tried to sleep...nights in general hurt. Matter of fact, out of total desperation with the first shoulder surgery, we went and bought recliners so I could remotely attempt sleep. This round, I’m already sleeping in the bed.

Surgery was Friday, December 28, 2018, and I was at the gym doing lower body on Sunday, December 30, 2018. People may have raised their brows the first shoulder surgery thinking that I was full of it when I started back 48 hours post surgery, but they didn’t this round. People have learned (or are hopefully learning) that I’m a woman of my word. What kind of integrity does a person really have if they don’t stand behind what they say they’re going to do and/or what they actually do? And as a trainer, it’s beyond pertinent that I lead by example, right?

So what is a person recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery do? Just about anything they did before...but with a few modifications. Nothing stops someone who is motivated and disciplined!

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