Meet Recap from 12/07/2019

I competed outside of SPF for the first time, I competed with the Iron Mafia branch of RPS. It was a great meet and I went 6/9 on the day. Had a great squat day after messing up in the warmup room. I took my last warmup at 585 and was rushed because I was 9 out and still warming up (100% my fault). I hit the hole and failed the squat. I dumped it into the straps and walked off thinking I was going to bomb out of the meet, considering my 1st attempt was set at 661. Dave, Logan and Joe stripped the bar and reloaded it, we re wrapped and I smoked it. After racking the bar I heard the call that I was 4 out and immediately headed to go wrap for my opener. I smoked 661 and hit a smooth 705 for a 25lb p.r., missing 733 just out of the hole.

Bench was smooth on all 3 attempts, going 424, 440.9, 451 for a 21lb p.r.

Deads were another story, I went 1/3 getting only my 2nd attempt. My planned opener was 624 and I smoked it fast enough that the whip got me at the top and I had some downward motion. Instead of jumping up, I retook my 624 and got it easily. My 3rd was my planned 2nd attempt at 661 and the weight felt great but I got called for soft lockout. I ended the day at 1780, falling short of my 1850+ goal but still added 20lbs on my total so the day was a win overall.

The Millers ran a great meet and were very hospitable, doing their best to accommodate every lifters needs.

For now, I'll look for my next meet and go back to the drawing board.

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