Luck of the Irish 2019

I wasn't a competitor this year at Luck of Irish but I still had an amazing time. I got my second opportunity to judge for Southern Powerlifting Federation and I have had 2 awesome experiences so far. It was a great meet and had a variety of about every type of lifter so it was a valuable learning experience. So far I've noticed in judging that it's always a cringing experience to be that decisive red that takes a lift. From personal experience, it's cringeworthy on both sides. The way I look at it is, if I'm the lifter, I want to earn that lift, that's my lift, I worked hard for it. I sacrificed sleep, time at home and have felt like crap for an entire prep for it so if I didn't earn it, I don't want it. Sure you may be happy in the moment but at some point, you'll be replaying your 20 seconds of fame and think "I was high, my foot slipped on that press (my personal kryptonite), I hitched that pull" then you're going to be mad and if you're not then you're here for the wrong reasons. The groups of judges that I have been judged by and now judged with, are not in the business of giving anything for free and I plan to continue to emulate that forever. So I'm okay with someone being upset in the moment when the lift is taken so they're at ease later on when you can show someone that 20 seconds of fame and know it's legit. In short, if you have to be mad at the judges, do it now so you can thank them later. That's just my view anyway.

Back to the meet, there was such a great atmosphere in that place, Tanks is a great gym and it was full of quality people. It's always great to see Team Invictus and to put faces with names.

I also got to pick up the Kraken and watch it in action, (some old guy that's probably going to up my volume after reading this used it) so I just had to get back to Southern Illinois and take it for a ride with a 545 bench. It's humbling and like it's name, a total freaking monster. If you don't have one, get one. Your bench will thank you. Well unless you're me, then buy some glue and stick your feet to the floor. then your bench will thank you.

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