Luck of the Irish

SPF-Luck of the Irish-Illinois 3/16/19

Well to tell you about my experience, I've got to back up a bit!

I've been itching to use the Kracken, the big brother of the Phoenix, ever since it came in. I went up and hit a 540 in it first time I tried it-but that was all. Since then it's been hard to train. Between travel and having shoulder trouble-not much has happened. However, we really wanted to show you what this thing could do!

So this past Monday (3/11/19), we thought we'd go up and hit an opener. It sucked! Everything about it: shoulder hurt, bar was slow and it was heavy! So we (I) decided to sit it out!

After arriving and setting up the morning of the meet, Justin Rogers (my trainer) asked if I had the Kracken... "of course I do!” I said, “I use it on the table to show people what they're getting!"

“Well, I think we should put something up in it,” he said... so here we go!

After wrapping legs for 3 lifters—which is a important part of what I do, because I want people to know what those Gemini knee wraps will do—I started warming up. Justin did things a little different than normal. He had me stay on 2 boards through the warm up and put the Kraken on at 365 lbs-which is early. From there up, everything was light! We opened with 480 wanting to protect this shoulder. It was easy. Next we hit a 510-no problem-but Justin didn't like the bar speed at all or my enthusiasm! He jumped me to 530. As I'm getting ready to take it for a ride, his enthusiasm hits me in the back of the head 4 or 5 times!! Just like magic- there's the guy we've been looking for! The 530 exploded off the chest, the fastest one of the day! He smiled and took me to 550 which is a PR in the Kraken and more than the 540 I lifted in my multi-ply shirt back in October at SPF Master’s Nationals. As I get ready to go for my fourth attempt- I'm mentally prepared! I was looking forward to the Justin Rogers pep talk, but all I remember is the first strike! They said he got me a couple times in the back of the head and a couple hits it the front as he held my head with his other hand! I did my famous bark and went to the bench. All I knew, at that moment, was this bench was all that was left in my little world! The 550 was light in my hands and moved well—slower then the last one but still good enough to get it all the way up. That is some heavy crap! It was a lot of fun. I’m glad he made me do it!

If you haven't checked out the Kraken, it's the baddest thing I've ever used! It’s one nasty, pissed off monster! However, you had better be a real bencher if your going to jump on this thing and take it for a ride!

Release the Kraken!!!

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