Late post

Had chance to make the trip to Russellville for the Proving Ground Classic and had a great time. Everybody was extremely welcoming and friendly (I didn't expect any different). This was my first time on the platform in almost 9 months. I had totally lost faith in my squat due to a minor injury I had experienced a few months prior. I had previously squatted 630 in comp and 650 in the gym but had not been able to touch anything over 550 in months and failed 570 2 weeks before the meet. About 4 1/2 weeks out, I got with Dave and he through me together a short prep. Things felt good but I just lacked confidence. I opened at 560 on squat and was nervous about that number but it flew up. We took 580 next and I thought "this isn't going anywhere" but it moved faster than my opener. We decided on 610, I was extremely nervous and it ended up as my fastest squat of the day. Bench didn't go the way I planned but I left with a 10 lb. Meet pr. I ended with 400 with my best gym bench being 430. Deads were pretty much as planned with the exception of dropping my third at lockout. Ended with a 1590 total which was a 5 lb jump. I learned some key points. 1 listen to the guy who is handling you, that's why he's handling you. 2. Leave your ego at home. I had someone back home make a comment along the lines of "you drove 7 hours for 5 lbs?". The answer is no, I drove 7 hours for my confidence and I found it. I'm currently 15 weeks out from another meet with Dave coaching me along the way. I'm anxious to see where we can take this after hitting a pr total on 5 weeks of actual prep. Who knows what will happen in 15 weeks, it just goes to show, experienced training beats flashy 10/10 times.


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