It's Never Really Our Plan

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, plans unexpectedly change. I posted yesterday morning at the end of my first IP blog about my shoulder surgery that was scheduled for 8:00am this morning. This was not what God had intended I suppose...instead I'm going in for a biopsy Friday. Ugh. Surgeon called me yesterday at 1;30pm and said that he wasn't going to perform the shoulder surgery on me because the pre-op x-ray indicated that I have a "huge mass" on my left chest wall/lung area and he needed a CAT Scan performed as soon as possible. Luckily one of my clients turned great friends, Jennifer, got me in at 4:00pm. Radiologist confirmed that there was definitely something worrisome so next step is a biopsy. I was a little shaken initially, but I'm now at peace knowing that God evidently has other plans. Maybe I was saved from a greater fate. After the CAT Scan news, I spent about an hour curled up in bed having a pity party. Then it dawned on me who I am: certainly not someone who wallows in self-pity. And then I hit the gym for some legs and (five minutes of) cardio ('cause cardio is hardio). Best way to work off frustration is to sweat it out, right?! Plus, I have my why (pictured below) for being strong in ALL aspects of life!

Just a little tidbit for ya'll: of all the fitness genres, hands down, powerlifters are the kindest and most welcoming. (That's not to offend anyone...just my opinion based off of personal experience.) We have one another's back no matter what! My fav part of powerlifting is the amazing people I've met along the Iron Maidens - Sharon, Jenn, and Christine - being some of the greatest! Look what arrived at work today with the sweetest note, "We know your day didn't turn out as expected, but everything happens for a reason! Love Iron Maidens"


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