Heavy deadlift 1-8-19

Good day! This is a heavy Deadlift super setted with a bull bar with chains speed squat of right at 400lbs for 5 sets

the Deadlift was off 5" blocks worked up to a



585x2 that's a PR!

Freaken nose bleed which sucked was hoping that wouldn't come back after a 2 year break!... but was worth it! I think the plan me and Justin Rogers has come up with us working for the old man!

This took about a hour and a half!

Body weight 204 today

Someone ask about the black sweat waist band and what it was about. My low back is hard to warm up and cramps sometimes. This helps a lot!

And I always wear elbow sleeves during Deadlift I want my biceps warm and not tearing!!


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