Dynamic Upper

Yesterday started training for what will be my first 3 lift raw meet. Doing a little test run on hitting a longer raw cycle then getting into gear for July. Here we go!

Chain Speed Bench-

50% Bar and 25% Chains

9x3(3 super wide, 3 Comp, 3 moderate Close)

Sled Flies-

4x110‘ passes

Db Military


Rope Tricep-


Wide Grip LPD-


Max Effort Lower was today!

2 Rep Max on Cambered bar with chains

This felt great to get back under some weight I was able to push out 445 bar with 65 pounds of chains.

Seated Goodmornings-


Belt Squat Step Ups-


Seated Box Jumps 12”sit to 36” box


Seated Banded Hamstring Curls-


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