Deads and Bench

I was finally able to get a couple lifts in after a few days off. See, I'm an assistant high school basketball coach, so I just have to get my training in around our game schedule...

This weekend's deadlift workout went pretty well. My deads feel fast and I feel pretty healthy going into this prep. I'm also adding in 20 minutes of cardio at a moderate pace in three times per week, just to keep weight gain in check.

Deadlifts - 01/19/19

Conventional DL: 3x5 @ 70% (385)

Block Pulls: 3x6 @ 65% of today's top set (250)

Neutral Grip Pull Ups: 30 total

Dumbbell Hammer Curls: 3x10

Calf Raise: 3x10

Bench Press - 01/20/19

Comp Bench Press: 3x5 @ 75% (245)

Spoto Press: 4x6 @ 65% (210)

Incline DB Press: 3x10

Tricep Rope Pulldown: 3x10

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