Deadlifts and bench press

Yesterday I worked on my seated deadlifts. This has been a difficult lift for me. I did 705 a few weeks before the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man in Norway back in September. It ended up being my worst event at the competition. Not sure what happened, but I barely pulled 605. I had struggled since then even getting to 600. Yesterday I did several heavy singles. I topped out at 650. It is finally starting to feel decent.

Today I began a new percentage program on the bench. I did 5x8@50%. that meant I did 5x8 with 225. It’s always hard for me to do light weight with higher reps, but I have to remind myself to trust the process. I also did floor presses, cable flyes, and overhead dumbbell extensions supersetted with cable press downs.

Last week, one of my training partners suffered a pretty bad injury while we were benching. We thought he tore his pec, but might not be as bad as originally thought. His name is Zach. He’s new to powerlifting and was planning to do his first competition in May. Probably won’t be able to compete then, but he is determined to get back at it. Say a prayer for my buddy Zach, that he will heal up quickly and be able to get back doing what he loves.

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