Deadlift • 1/11/19

I’m in a weird place right now. Since I began powerlifting nearly 12 year ago, my best lift has always been deadlift. But I would say the last two years or so, it just feels like it is deteriorating more and more. Not really sure what exactly the problem is but I know there is one. I can barely do now what used to be a warm up for me... Tonight was an example of that.

Bodyweight: 207.2#

Treadmil (warm up): 15 min @ 3 speed

Deadlift (beltles/conventional):

  • 135# x 10

  • 225# x 8

  • 335# x 6

  • 425# x 4

  • 455# x 4

  • 2 x 2 @ 475#

And that’s it. I let me get to me and just felt defeated so I called it a night. Going to try to come back tomorrow with a different mindset and try again.


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