Cardio (Whaaaaaaa???) • 1/18/19

I mean, it still involved weight but it just wasn’t the norm for my workouts. But I’m trying to add in at least one day of “cardio” type training. It won’t kill my gains like some bros think. It will actually help with my endurance and fatigue in my other training. Oh and it will help me not huff and puff as much going up the stairs at work.

Bodyweight: 207#

Treadmill: 15 min @ 3.5 speed/6 incline (about 0.85 mi and 115 calories)

15 minute AMRAP (35# Kettlebell used on all exercises):

  1. Single Arm Swings: 9 x 6/arm

  2. Goblet Squats: 9 x 9

  3. Lunges: 8 x 6/leg

I only stopped twice during the AMRAP, once for 45 secs, at the 6:15 mark and once for 30 at the 3:30 mark. Other than that, I just tried to keep a pretty steady rhythm and transition from one to the next as quick as I could. You were supposed to could total reps for your “score” so I ended up with 285 reps competed. The hardest movement was the KB Lunges, especially trying to keep it held at my chest in the goblet squat position.

Dead. Send help.


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