Busy week!

Finals week is over for me and I am officially done with the fall semester. I haven't been the best with keeping up with my training logs so let me catch up with the last three days of training.


Bench Press 5x4 75%

Bench Press 1xAMRAP 75%

Incline DB Bench 4x12 superset with pull ups 4xAMRAP

Rolling DB Extension 4x15 super set with reverse grip row 4x15,12,12,10

Rope push downs 3x25 super set with upright row 3x25

Barbell 3x25


2 inch Deficit deadlifts w/ pause right off the ground 5x5 68% and 1xAMRAP

RDL w/ 3 sec negative, 1 sec pause on ground 3x8 RPE 8

KB swings super set with hanging leg raises 4x15

Band Lying hamstring curl 4x50 superset with hack squat 3x12


Close grip bench 3xAMRAP 105 lbs 60 second rest

Wide grip spoto press 2x10 65%

Circuit with...

Seated DB shoulder press 5x20

Dual arm bent over DB row 5x20

overhead rope extension 5x20

reverse pec dec 5x20

rolling db triceps extension 5x20

2-3 minutes rest between rounds

moods: I have been really hungry lately lol. I have been making it a point to get more/adequate sleep which has helped my fatigue I was experiencing by 2 pm every day. I feel well mentally and physically and have zero complaints.

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