Bench Day 2/4/19

1a. Worked up to 275 for 5x5 superset with neutral grip pullups for 5x6

1b. AMRAP with 225 (Only got 11 and I’m disappointed)

2. Heavy Pulldowns for sets of 10. I started at 120lbs then made 10lb jumps until I failed to complete 10 reps. (Last set was 200x6)

3a. Deadstop dips or Bottoms up dips. These are performed strict from the bottom and should really help my lockout! Performed 5 sets of 10.

3b. Heavy Hammer Curls. Started with 50lbs for 10 then made 10lb jumps up to 90lbs.

4a. Behind the neck press 3x10-15

4b. Cable curls 3x15-20

4c. Rear felt flies 3x15-20

5. side/front felt raises with bands 3x15-20


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