This was a crazy day! Brad Vinyard, one the Invictus Athletes, competed in the disabled strongman and did great! He was a lot of fun to watch. We also got to see Amy Hudson, an Arkansas pro strong woman, deadlift. She did great too! 429.9 lbs came up like it was nothing.

The place was packed, so we didn't do much more walking around. We had seen everything in the Expo part of the event, anyway. The only real bummer part of the whole thing was we didn't get to see any of the bodybuilding! We were just too busy. But for real, if you've never been to this event, you need to just make plans and do it! Invictus will be up there next year with the booth set up-so plan to come and see us!

We've got a ton of pictures to show you over the next few days! Until next year!

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