Arnold day 2

Man- the favorite part of the day... it had to be the Conan Wheel of Pain. 20,000 lbs of moving hell! We lucked out at this one. We just happened to be standing in just the right place when we realized it was the next event. So we got close and stood there- for a hour! But when it started...Oh man! Those guys are big, even on the net, but in person they are truly giants! They rolled Thor out right in front of us—amazing! And his wife?... She's only about 5'2". What a crazy pair.

When they started the event I was blown away with the power it took to move this thing. The winning length was 119.09 ft and I'm telling you when they stopped- they hit the floor! IT.WAS. CRAZY! If you ever get to see this thing-do it! I’ll talk to you tomorrow. My boy Brad competes at the Disabled Strongman event. I can't wait!

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