Arnold classic day 1

We had a great day! Got to see a lot of people I havent seen in a long time. And a bunch of my peeps from Arkansas. The highlight of the day for me was hard to chose but I'll have to say it was getting to sit and talk with Stan Efferding. He wrote the Vertical Deit as well as doing so much for the powerlifting community.

I follow most of his protocols and have for years. I've always thoght he was a stand up guy. But after talking to him, he's better then I thought.

I've had Questions in the past and messaged him expecting to get a answer someday... but they've always come quickly and in depth! Not a short simple answer.

Today talking to him I learned he answers all of those questions himself. Very impressive!

If you've never checked his stuff out please do! He's great. His podcast are very informative and easy to understand! Check it out! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Ps sorry for the mistakes that I'm sure are in this! Lol Dawns not here to fix me!

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