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10 months into this journey.... 31 years ago I fresh out of the Army I weighed 215lbs...thought I was Rambo...  after a car accident left me in a coma for a couple months...  I lost over 45% of my body weight... yes I dropped to 160lbs.  Ok, so now I’m a bean pole.... I can’t walk, can barely talk, had no use of my right arm, all I could do was start again....  I pushed 10 years or more to even get my confidence back and walk without a limp.  5 years post accident I attended college and graduated (I had to do something)....  I struggled in school.... not the academic part, I was smart.....just felt like everyone looked at me like.... what’s wrong with you?  I struggled with my physical self which affected my emotional state terribly...  I was angry I was hurt I was embarrassed....  hardly set foot in the gym due to my odd body.... my disability.  The paralysis was better but still very there.... most of my college years I had to hold my right arm up to my chest.... due to it turning purple as with nerve damage comes poor circulation, and I carried it because that’s about the only way I could lift it... in short,  I said that to say this....  if you catch me watching myself in the gym,  watching in the mirror .... please don’t think me vain or a narcissistic fool....  I’m only remembering where I came from,  that disabled guy I once was will always haunt me...  my accomplishments have come through hard work.... and most of all persistence....  no I’m not all that, but I’m walking proof that when you mind is in tune with your body through persistence and repetition you will be successful!!!  Don’t give up, don’t quit, and love you..... love you as you are now and love what you will believe you are!!!! I’m 85% on my right as to where my left is 100% Yes I’m a little of balance,  and it may never catch up due to my neurological injuries.... but I love me, I had too....#itsnevertolate#loveyourself #mindandbody
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