10/22/19 Lats

Doing a lot of high rep sets within a 30 minute window to try and exhaust that muscle group as quick as possible. Last weeks lat sesh was the worst I've ever had, probably the worst night of training I've ever had. Could barely make it through pull-ups so decided to just call it for the night. Today was much better, but the high reps do not seem to get me as sore or get the pump as if I were to add an extra set and lower my reps. Gonna keep trying it through this cycle, but will likely change it up for the next.

Lat Pull-downs - 25x100/18x130/15x150/8x170

- My lats seem to disengage after a certain amount of reps, but I'm able to crank out several more, which I feel in my rear delts the next day.

Hammer Strength Row (Single Arm) - 20x70/18x90/15x115/12x125

- Love this movement. Great contraction, stretch, and the proper muscles stayed engaged throughout the movement.

Hammer Strength Lat Pull-down (Single Arm) - 20x45/15x70/12x90/10x90

- Still figuring out this machine. Feels great on my right side, but the left doesn't seem to engage as well. Last set was pushed to failure with the last 3-5 reps.

Lat Push-downs (EZ Bar) - 20x50/18x50/12x60/5x60

- Great exercise to finish with. Body was pretty exhausted so light weight was required to make it through the movement.

EZ Bar Hammer Curl - 20x35/6x65/6x65/6x65/6x65/3x85/3x85/3x85/2xStrict-AMRAPx65

- Forearms definitely sore after this.


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