10/21/19 Leg Day

Had one of my best days this year as far as legs go. Been dealing with hip issues since the middle of last year which has decreased the number of leg days I've had this year. Physical therapy has worked well so now its time to train. Kept everything pretty light and focused on keeping everything tight and in proper form. Definitely wasn't hitting depth but the pump was great so that's how its gonna be for now.

Calf Raises/Abs (Warm-Up) 5xAMRAP

Squat (Cambered Bar) - 20x135/15x185/12x225/11x225/8x225

- Been thinking about giving up squatting since each session for a while now has yielded injury, but I remembered the cambered bar doesn't seem to give me the same problems as a straight bar. Session went great and everything feels good.

Leg Raises/Hamstring Curl - 4x16-20x120/4x16-20x80

- Always a great pump. Gave a good 1 second squeeze at the top of each rep to force blood into the muscle.

Leg Press - 15x315/12x400/9x490/5x535

- Usually go single leg, but wanted to heavier on this movement. Might have go too heavy to fast.

Abductors/Adductors - 3x20/3x20

- First time really doing these, still finding the right positioning.


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