10/20/19 Shoulder & Arms

Great shoulder and arm day. Finally starting to figure out what works for my biceps. Seems like pumping them full of blood at the beginning of the workout with a single arm movement, keeping reps around 18-25, then hitting it hard on the last set for about 6-10 reps is what is working right now. Still not able to do any benching due to elbow issues, might not ever really train on bench seriously again since chest and shoulder development are still coming together without it.

Movement 1: Side Lateral Raises (Forced Negatives) 5x15-20

- Great burn, sick pump. Do not need heavy weight to be effective.


Movement 2: Rear Delt Flies (Laying on Incline Bench) 4x20-30

- Awesome pump, keep it light otherwise it gets into the traps and rhomboid.

Movement 3: Shoulder Press (Dumbbells) 3x20,12,8

- First set kept light and burned out. Raised the weight and forced the last 3 reps of the following sets. Stayed light since the muscles are pre-exhausted, saved some strain on the elbow.

Movement 4: Upright Row (Cables w/Handles) 4x12

- Handles work great for allowing a different range of motion. Force the last set.

Movement 5: Upper Chest Fly/Shrugs (Use Cables for Flies) 4x20/4x50

- Good to finish off with a good chest and trap pump.


Preacher Bench Cable Curl/Rope Pushdown (4x20,20,15,8/4x30,25,20,20)

- Superset the biceps with triceps, pumping them full of blood to get ready for the final movement.

Straight Bar Pushdown/EZ Bar Curl (Switch Grip with each set) 3x15,10,8/3x12

-Switch the grip on each set of curls and burn out.


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